Leiva CPA - Certified Public Accountant
Monthly Accounting Compiled Financial Statements::No Software
If your business does not presently use internal accounting software we will POST ALL YOUR DEPOSITS AND CHECKS in order to provide you with monthly compiled financial statements, detailed general ledger, monthly bank reconciliations that adjust your cash balance, payroll accumulation, prepare quarterly payroll reports, and year end payroll reports.

Each financial package we prepare is summarized in a personalized monthly consulting memo that summarizes your financial operations and provides your business with useful tax strategies in order to minimize your tax payments. You are given the option of receiving our work via US mail or via direct access to your designated area within our secure web site.

In order for our P.A. to provide this service your business sends us a monthly package that consists of:

In order to prepare the accounting work for your business on a monthly basis, we need you to gather and mail to our office the following bookkeeping items:

1. Copies of all monthly bank statements without canceled checks
2. All check stubs written during the month
a. described as to what the pmt is for
b. payroll checks must have gross, fica & fwt written
c. ck. stub deposit section filled in
3. Copies or originals of any govt. correspondence received pertaining to your business
4. Response to our prior month cpa consultation memo questions
5. Copies of 8109 payroll tax deposit coupons used for the month (if payroll exists in your corporation)
6. The monthly package worksheet filled in (if accrual accounting)
Send us this package by the 15TH OF EACH MONTH as soon as bank statement arrives.
Rolando Leiva C.P.A., is the President of the wholly owned Professional Association (P.A.). Rolando manages all aspects of the PA on a day to day basis and is ultimately responsible for the quality of all services rendered. Rolando graduated from Florida International University in 1982 with a major in Accounting and Bachelors in Business Administration.

Rolando Leiva, CPA